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Descubre cómo desarrollamos una aplicación y ecosistema digital para El Encanto Country Club, El Salvador
Logotipo El Encanto


Your club in the palm of your hand.

Creamos un ecosistema digital, un sistema administrativo y una plataforma para el usuario para que El Ecanto administrara a sus miembros y que estos tuvieran una mejor experiencia


Improving the experience of the members and the administration of a club, not only requires technology, but the definition of processes, cultures and the adoption of comprehensive technologies focused on the satisfaction of each one of the users.

We did?

We designed new processes, and built an administrative system and mobile application for members, fully connected, which not only allows the club to have a better administration, but also allows members to enjoy all the benefits from their cell phones, improving the experience of both residents as well as visiting and invited members.


REACT, Low Code Platforms, TOGAF

New challenges

After the launch we worked on our cell scheme and continuous improvement to continue enabling services and improving our customer experience. A first version is the beginning of the complete digitization of the club.

Generamos una plataforma amigable para el usuario comenzando así la digitalización de la experiencia en el club El Encanto
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