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Credi Q - Mejora de procesos de cobros en canales digitales
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New services through digital channels and improvement in collection processes.

Sistema de pre-aprobación digital con soluciones inteligentes de cobro que hicimos para nuestro cliente Credi Q El Salvador


Manage the growing demand of leads from digital channels, with an online pre-approval model and prioritization of purchase intention and incorporation of intelligent solutions for collection.

We did?

We digitized the company's customer service processes, improving processing times for new requests, creating online pre-approval models, machine learning models for collections, and a mobile collection application.


We develop predictive data models to measure the success of the strategy and obtain feedback on user behavior on different platforms.

more than 1 million

Transactions generated by CrediQ clients after the strategy was launched.

20% reduction

Of manual processes after having launched the digital strategy in the internal area.

Teniendo la transformación digital de nuestro cliente en mente, logramos no solo pensar en lo visible sino en los procesos necesarios para una solución sostenible a lo largo del tiempo.
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